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Armpell Civil go above and beyond to ensure they are compliant with safety, environmental and quality policies across all projects.

Armpell Civil are a certified construction company partaking in a wide variety of civil engineering activities including; water recycling, drainage, irrigation, sewerage, gas, electrical, communication, bulk earthworks, excavation, demolition and construction of concrete structures, road construction and landscaping. Whether you are looking to carry work out on water and waste water infrastructure, drainage infrastructure, stormwater harvesting system, electrical infrastructure, a water sprinkler system, a car park or a sediment trap, you can trust that we have the necessary qualifications and certifications required for the design and delivery of your project.

Safety Policy.

Armpell Civil is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all our employees, contractors and visitors to our worksites. This is achieved by adopting and promoting the provisions of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 and its associated regulation, codes and standards, together with significant importance placed in the areas of hazard, risk management and injury prevention strategies. We provide substantial resources to manage and maintain health and safety through an induction program and regular training on workplace health and safety issues.

The objectives of Armpell Civil's workplace health and safety policy is to:

•    Achieve an accident, injury and incident free workplace.
•    Ensure workplace health and safety is an integral part of supervisory and managerial positions.
•    Ensure health and safety is applied when planning work activities.
•    Involve employees in decision-making processes.
•    Provide continuous training & education for Safe Work Practices.
•    Identify hazards in the workplace.

We understand that creating and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment is a major responsibility and that all management and supervisory staff are accountable for the health and safety of their employees and any visitors to their respective work areas.
In conjunction with this policy, individual Work Method Statements, Guidelines and Standards are developed in consultation with relevant employees.

We expect all employees, contractors and visitors to our workplaces to follow safe work practices as prescribed under the legislations that govern the sites we work on, in our Policies and Work Method Statements, and that every effort is made to reduce the risk of injury to themselves and others.

To this end, we have designed and developed a Safe Management System where our objectives are to:

•    Comply with the intent of the WH&S Act 2011 in preventing a person's death, injury or illness being caused by a workplace, by a relevant workplace area, by work activities, or by plant or substances for use at a workplace.
•    Contribute to a management framework that allows work areas to manage OHS in a preventative way.
•    Ensure that OHS is an integral part of effective business practice.
•    Clearly state the principles for managing OHS and how the organisation is expected to perform in accordance with legislative requirements.


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Environmental Policy.

The environmental system includes:

    •    Environmental Policy
    •    Safety and Environmental Manual
    •    Environmental Co-ordination Plan
    •    Safety and Environmental Work Method Statements
    •    Toolbox meetings

The environmental co-ordination plan includes:

•    Ensuring all permits are obtained, in particular in relation to any planned tree removal.
•    Erosion considerations including minimising the areas disturbed and re-vegetating as soon as possible, providing cut off installations to redirect runoff from cleared areas, minimising long continuous flow paths, installing silt traps at inlets and monitoring water entering waterways and drains.
•    Dust considerations including the watering of exposed soil/stockpile areas, limiting the access to and from the site to specified haul roads, stabilising/paving haul roads, strategically locating stockpiles, mulching/regressing stockpiled material, etc.
•    Flora and fauna considerations including avoiding undue disturbance to sensitive areas and the protection of aquatic plants and animals.
•    Waste considerations including the minimization of waste on site, appropriate disposal of contaminated waste off-site, the provision litter bins, etc.
•    Monitoring and testing considerations including the provision for same in the Project Management Plan and ITPs.
•    For major projects, Armpell Civil can engage a specialist consultant to prepare an Environmental Management Plan.


Armpell Civil takes pride in the quality of the work it produces and can provide numerous referees that will attest to this fact. The Armpell Civil quality assurance process involves:

•    Thorough and careful pre-construction planning including, where required, the preparation of a Project Management Plan.

•    Induction of all company employees and pre-qualified subcontractors.

•    Preparation of ITPs and Work Method Statements to meet the requirements of the project.
•    Preparation of detailed programs to manage and track progress.
•    Establishment and maintenance of various registers, eg. drawings, employee/subcontractor details, plant/equipment details and maintenance records, etc.
•    Recording of inspections and tests in the Supervisors Diary and/or specifically designed record sheets when appropriate.
•    Regular communication/meetings with the interested parties to discuss program/progress and report results, etc.

Armpell Civil is very aware of the need to meet the client’s quality assurance requirements and can design a system to meet the needs of each and every project as required. As a result of its strong reputation, Armpell Civil receives a constant stream of invitations to tender for work from repeat clients and from client recommendations. This has resulted from:

•    Successfully completing projects on time and within budget.

•    Performing work which virtually never requires rework.

•    Completing works with minimal defects.

The company has never had retention/security money withheld by clients nor liquidated damages applied, and the company regularly receives customer feedback commending it on the quality of its work.


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67 Cranbrook Road Batemans Bay 2536 NSW



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